Be There Now Festival

Sonoma State University - April 18th, 2008

30 year Reunion Concert

Aircastle performed at the "Be There Now Festival" along with Gladden Fields, Alan Watt, Steve Berry and Julie Ann Layne.
This was a 30 year reunion of the Aircastle quartet.

Aircastle Quartet:
Karen Stokes vocals
Jeremy Cohen - violin
David Godet - guitar, vocals
Robert Gilmore - flute, vocals

Live performance videos - SSU - April 18, 2008

Aircastle Duo

Sonoma County
Saving It For A Rainy Day

Aircastle Quartet

Ragged Song/Mirage/Molly
Ragged Song/Mirage/Molly - closeup version

Goodbye Good Samaritan Blues
Goodbye Good Samaritan Blues - closeup version

Oh Well