Fool's Concert - Sonoma State University - April 1, 1976

Concert For Fools poster

01 - spoken intro (Gilmore)

02 - Overture (Gilmore)

03 - I'll Know That You're Around (Gilmore/Kaplan)

04 - As You Will (Gilmore)

05 - Queen Of Hearts (Gilmore)

06 - Cling To Life (Godet)

07 - Futureshock/Awaken/Inquisition (Ferrin)

Concert for Fools poster

Concert for Fools program

Featured musicians in the Concert for Fools included David Godet, Jeremy Cohen, Jan Ferrin, Tim Kennedy (aka Prince Poobah), Barbara Vivian Rogers, Steve Puleo, Cary Glenn, James Ledner and Sloan Edwards. This concert also featured the music of David Godet, Tim Kennedy and Jan Ferrin. Jan Ferrin's composition "Foresight (Part 1)" would later evolve into an hour long modern rock ballet extravaganza entitled "Foresight".

"Foresight" was composed and directed by Jan Ferrin, with choreography by Bill Ramsdell, and it was performed by the group Muse in a series of concerts at Sonoma State's Warren Auditorium in the fall of 1976. These were benefit concerts for the SSU Center for the Performing Arts.

The founding members of Muse were: Jan Ferrin, Jeremy Cohen, Barbara Vivian Rogers, Tim Kennedy, Steve Puleo, David Godet and Robert Gilmore.

Muse - Foresight poster